What is "ozt" and why do you use it?
    "ozt" is an abbreviation of "ounce troy" and is commonly used as a measuring unit for precious metals. 1ozt = 1.097oz = 31.1035 grams  
  What is "dwt"?  
    A "dwt" is often called a pennyweight and is a measuring unit for precious metals. 20dwt = 1ozt. 1dwt = .05ozt = 1.555 grams.  
  What is "RTV" mold?  
    RTV stands for "room temperature vulcanizing". This material is used for pieces that cannot stand the high temperatures used to cure regular rubbers. It also has a very low shrinkage properties making it useful for molding wax patterns.  
Ordering: What is the fastest turnaround possible?  
    It depends on the quantity but if we already have your molds, we can cast and finish in 24 hrs. However, if we need to make a new mold, we will need at least 2-3 days.  
  What is the maximum size you can cast?  
    We can cast up to small sculptural objects but this is determined on a piece by piece basis.  
  What is the maximum thickness you can cast?  
    This depends on the piece but in general we do not recommend casting thicker than 1/4" and thinner than 17 gauge.  
  Why new metal vs. scrap metal?  
    We only use fresh casting grain for all our castings. In this way we can guarantee every piece that leaves our shop  
Products: How do I choose a type of mold?  
    Every molding material offers different advantages: from high tear strength to low shrinkage. Let us know what your needs are and we will determine what best suits your project.  
  Choice of metals?  

We have a very large inventory of casting grains: from different kinds of brass, bronze and silver to custom designed gold alloys. Call us for a consultation.

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